Can you conquer the Alps? Does Monaco have chargers?

We took the challenge of traveling fully electric.

Our plan?

As design students we often encounter people with fear for new technologies, which slows down the adoption of better alternatives. For example electric cars. We love making videos, and thought: why not show the world that travelling with an electric car is possible. And what is a better way to investigate the current state of electric driving then by doing a roadtrip, a fully electric roadtrip! Kia Motors Nederland supported us with an electric Kia Soul EV and an fuel-efficient Kia Picanto, running on gasoline. During the summer of 2015 we packed our camping gear & cameras to hit the road.

In 21 days, we traveled through 10 countries, and nearly drove 4500km.

Our journey started in Eindhoven, and went through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and back up north through France.

We collected interesting stories at every one of the 44 chargers we used; from our experiences on driving electric to our thoughts on the best ice-cream in Europe. In the end it probably got us to more places than any fuel car could.

Who are we?

Gijs de Boer

Gijs made sure we stayed on track: “We had a route planned, but the real roadtrip freedom started when a charger was not available. Apps like Chargemap show nearby chargers, so we were flexible to go wherever we suspected adventure.”

Rachel Rietdijk

“I think the best moment was the afternoon we were filming in Paris. Suddenly everything felt real: yes, we got this amazing opportunity to travel Europe fully electric, to capture everything and share our experiences, opinion and adventures.”

Wouter van der Wal

“This trip made me realize that my first car will definitely be an electric car. Cars that run on gas look, feel and sound so outdated. I now know that the fast charger network is sufficient and that it will improve quickly over the oncoming years!”

Joch Jansz

The best camping place was found by Joch. “I met so many enthusiastic people during this roadtrip. In Switzerland two locals who were really supportive pointed us to a beautiful cave where we could spend the night. They joined us for a bonfire and we talked about our futures; sustainable, in their own way.”

Daphne Lamberts

“For me driving in the Soul definitely had its benefits comparing to the Picanto. I told the boys I drove really efficient when going downhill in the Alpes. Of course the regenerative-breaking was the real cause of the amount of range we had left.”

Yannick Brouwer

Yannick always was the first one who spotted other electric drivers. “We found out that in areas with more convenient chargers we met more and more other electric drivers. I really enjoyed to have a chat with them, and discover how their experience changed over the years. ”

Would you like to know more?

Contact us! We are happy to tell you about our experiences of traveling electric.

Wouter: +316 14579833 | Gijs: +316 19871253

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